I value thoughtful communication while building genuine connections with people and entities. I create brands, work with print and on the web. I draw from my background as a mechanical draftsman along with my experience in a variety of art forms including dance, visual art, photography and music.

Photo of Mark Siller at Trainwreck in Whistler

Lifestyle Flavors | Photo: @jax.hsu | Lighting: @iansebastianphotography

I’ve been swept up in Graphic Design and Web Development for over 7 years. I have spent the last 3 years working in the field full-time. I am now working as a freelancer while realizing my own projects and looking for new opportunities.

Art and design are the foundations of my life. I’ve helped start and brand successful companies and collectives based around movement and dance. I've danced for 20 years and have helped build the breaking community in Vancouver while competing internationally. I've also worked extensively in the engineering and technology fields.

I am an Arts Educator who has worked in studios, with at-risk youth and in young offenders centres. I have developed programs for youth through organizations like the Vancouver Opera, Royal Conservatory of Music, Learning Through the Arts and the Michaëlle Jean Foundation.

In the past (almost in a previous life) I was a Mechanical Engineering technologist and draftsman. This helped bring structured balance to my more spontaneous and freestyle artistic side. Some other current pursuits include photography, making music, video editing and visual art.


Graphic Design, Branding, Print & Digital Design
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere.

Web Design & Front-End Development
HTML5, CSS, Flexbox, CSS Grid, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Woocommerce, LMS Systems,
Hosting and Website Management.

Photography, Video Editing, Beatmaking, Speaking & Presenting, Dance (breaking), Educating and Facilitating, Artistic Collaboration, Team Building, Writing, Proposal and Grant Writing.