Vancouver Dance Events
Brand Identities
Promo & Trophies

I have been extensively involved in organizing cultural events for the dance community in Vancouver.Over the past couple of years I have been creating brand identities, marketing material and trophies for breaking and allstyle dance events that are planned to be annual events.

Revival of the Illest Logo Title

Revival of the Illest 2021 was the first event to take place in the community since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. It was a return to form, a reunion and a world class competition. I branded the event, created marketing materials, designed trophies, and judged the breaking portion of the event.

Revival of the Illest Event Poster and COVID guidelines Revival of the Illest Wooden Trophies

Trophies manufactured at MakerLabs

I was contracted by the City of Surrey to brand one of their breaking events called “Clash of Crews” as well as create marketing material and trophies for the winners. The design was supposed to take inspiration from the videogame “Clash of Clans”.

Clash of Crews Poster Clash of Crews Trophy

Trophies manufactured at MakerLabs