Brand identity
promo & trophies

MadFootage Logo Title

I was contracted to brand a media company called “Mad Footage” which aims to help support the Hip-Hop and Breaking community in Vancouver by filming various events & competitions while utilizing donations and a subscription model to help fund community events. I collaborated with the founder to create a brand identity based on his vision & sketches.

MadFootage Logo Colour Options MadFootage Video Watermark MadFootage Novelty Cheque

Novelty cheque in conjunction with Michael Itturios

After the success of the initial project, I was contracted to use the already created materials to design a series of 9 cards to be used for a variety of purposes. I was asked to use Digimon Cards as inspiration. Since completion these cards have been used to; award students on completion of a level in a dance program, as prizes for winning competitions and awards for promoters within the Greater Vancouver community and internationally.

MadFootage Cards MadFootage Promoter Awards

A few of the recipients of the MadFootage Awards